Useful Information

Product Page Information you might miss

Even if your a new or old member of the site you might have missed the valuble information published to you on each product page.  If you look carefully you can pick out the current stock level, product code and money saving price breaks. 

Amount Available

We will try and keep this information as up to date as possible so you can use it to gauge your ordering stratagy. If you know that we are running low you might want to take the opportunity and grab the last few before we run out. As we update the site we will also be adding next shipment arrival dates, giving you even more information about the stock situation at hand. 

Product Code

Although not completly apparent how helpfull this is but, all product codes are searchable on our site. If you only know the product code from your last invoice and you tap it into the search box it will take you directly to the product you are looking for. Saving you time when you want to order in a hurry. 

Price Breaks

Knowing our prices breaks is key to making even more margin with your proucts and each product that has one will be found right here on the product page. If you order the price break or higher quantities you will be awarded the lower price, its that simple!